13 Volumes, 100 Bullets


Volume 1: First Call, Last Shot
The first shot of the series features Agent Graves introducing himself to Dizzy Cordova, a young woman just getting out of jail following the death of both her husband and young son. Vengeance is the name of the game in this one, but both Megan Dietrich and “The Dog” Lono make their debut as well. A strong start to the series. Dizzy being handed to Shepherd at the end starts her journey into something that she was made for.
VERDICT – 9/10

Volume 2: Split Second Chance
The first Minuteman is woken up in volume 2 and he’s one cool customer. Cole “The Wolf” Burns was hidden by Graves as an ice cream man but the minute the man hears the word “Croatoa”, Cole is awake and as violent as ever. The volume also features a story of a mother that lost her daughter and a gambler looking for a big score. This collection is significant for one more thing: shedding some light on the bigger picture when Dizzy goers to France and meets Branch.
VERDICT – 9.5/10

Volume 3: Hang Up on the Hang Low
Loop Hughes makes his debut as potential candidate for a Minuteman. His dad Curtis was once one and Graves has plans for him. Lono, who was always awake and never in hiding, meets up with Loop in a meeting that would have dire consequences in the future. Graves sets Loop up at the end, and I never understood that when I read it. But like all things 100 Bullets, it makes sense later on. Is being a Minuteman something in the blood? Seems to be. Not my favorite storyline in the series but one that’s key to figuring out Graves as a character.
VERDICT – 7/10

Volume 4: A Foregone Tomorrow
Benito Medici is the heir to his father’s throne. But does he want it? That’s debatable. Jack “The Monster” Daw is introduced as junkie with a briefcase. In it, his own picture. Jack is a tragic character that has way more downs than ups. Echo Memoria also makes her debut chasing Branch for…something. But the key in this volume is the debut of my favorite Bullets character Wylie “The Point Man” Times. Hidden as a gas station attendant, Wylie’s new life takes some dangerous turns when he meets Shepherd and Dizzy. Not a big fan of HighJack’s story but loved the intro to Wylie. Benito’s sit down with Shepherd proves he’s more in the know than Megan or anyone would think. Echo’s story begins here and I hoped it would end here too. Milo “The Bastard” Garret makes a cameo here in a fantastic story about Marilyn, JFK and…well you should read it for yourself.
VERDICT – 8/10

Volume 5: The Counterfifth Detective
This one is all about The Bastard. Milo Garret got into a little accident and his face is bandaged up. Graves gives him a briefcase but he’s not awake just yet. The walking, talking mummy is looking to feel so all he does is drink, fuck and fight. He’s looking for art that miss Echo is looking for. Megan is looking for it too. Why is it so special? One word: Croatoa. And once Milo sees that word he becomes the Bastard he always was. Milo lasts one volume, as he’s shot in the face by an unknowing Lono, but his brief appearance makes him one of the most memorable characters of the series. This book screams noir and hooked me into wanting to know everything.
VERDICT- 10/10

Volume 6: Six Feet Under the Gun
A series of character pieces about Graves, Benito, Cole, Dizzy, Lono and Wylie slows the pace down a bit. Significant is Graves’s dealings with The Trust, a hit being put out on Augustus Medici and Benito, Lono getting arrested and Dizzy and Cole going home. But the big “holy shit” moment comes at the end when Wylie is given a briefcase by Graves and in it a picture of Mr. Shepherd. This volume wasn’t my favorite. They read well as interludes during a bigger story, but they don’t lack importance.
VERDICT – 7.5/10



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