13 Volumes, 100 Bullets Part 3

Volume 13: Wilt
This is the end. Roughly 22,000 pages of story and the end is here. All the players are in place and the lines are drawn. Cole has flipped the script and joined Jack, Lono and Loop. Victor Ray and Remi are still doing Graves’s dirty work while Dizzy’s destiny is revealed to her.

Lono believes that Benito is the future and puts all his chips on him. Lono also knows that Cole is up to no good and tells Loop to take him out before Cole acts first. Jack saves him which means Loop is in big trouble. Lono isn’t wrong about Benito. Augustus has plans to put him in the Trust but he doesn’t know that Lono has anticipated this move. Dizzy and Lono meet and after a brutal fight Dizzy is taken hostage by Lono. And Graves has never been more broken about anything else. all series

The attache supplier of Graves is taken out and his plans begin to fall apart. His intentions become clearer and they don’t look good for teh remaining old guard of Minutemen. Remi is ordered to take out a House which leads to an unfortunate accident for him. One that is so severe he decides he doesn’t want to live anymore. I honestly thought Victor Ray was gonna do him in but Remi did himself in and took his poor brother out with him.

Jack takes the painting from Cole and winds up with…guess who? Echo. Cole kills her just in time for Victor Ray to return to his old clique. Loop, Cole, Jack and Vic decide that it’s time to end this and have plans to go after the remaining Houses and Graves. The Trust is reconstructed as Augustus is taken out of power and Graves is given a seat in the Trust. But Augustus has a card up his sleeve. He gives it all up to his son Benito. Of course Megan takes notice.

All hell breaks loose. Benito shoots Lono in the mouth which sets him running and to contact Jack. Slaughter is revealed to be Victor Ray’s dad as he hears his son over the phone while on a mission to kill Lono. Lono runs towards the meeting place of the Trust and Benito takes Dizzy there. Dizzy is officially Graves’s replacement just as Benito is murdered setting Dizzy up for her first job. With the remaining Minutemen storming the house, Lono is finally killed by Dizzy, and the other two members of the Trust (not Medici or Dietrich) are taken out. Jack and bodyguard Crete end up fighting in an alligator pit and Loop, Slaughter and Victor Ray leave the scene while Cole is waiting for Megan in her room…full of gas. See Atlantic City is where her dad was burned by the Minutemen. Cole thinks it’ll be ironic. Graves shoots Augustus which spooks Cole and he drops his lighter. Megan blows up and Cole burns. Irony. Graves made a move on another House. So Dizzy does her job. Graves taught her everything. Augustus taught him everything. Full circle. The house burns.

So the end came and gone. What I loved was that this is an end. The Minutemen die (except for Vic), there are no more Houses and the Trust is broken. The tragedy is real and Dizzy’s story is truly the beginning and the end of the series. There is closure. But not total closure. Loop just up and leaving left a bad taste in my mouth. He never even sees Graves again. The whole Echo thing is never explained. Just a girl is all. I would’ve loved to see Remi get brutally killed for everything he did. But all in all the series finale did not disappoint. The only thing that’s disappointing is that it’s over. Brilliant. Perfect. Inspiring.
VERDICT – 9/10

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One Response to “13 Volumes, 100 Bullets Part 3”

  1. Bobby Washington Says:

    One thing I believe you got wrong….Lono did not die. At the end of the book before the final scene with Dizzy and Graves, panels are shown of the locations of the final fates of the Minutemen. The gator pit where Jack fell, Cole’s burnt body, and when the panel is shown of the window where Lono was shot through, his body is missing and bloody footprints are shown leaving the area. At best you can say his ultimate fate is uncertain, but I believe Lono once again cheats death (for the fourth time), a tongue-in-cheek series long reference to the island god Lono, who was supposed to be able to grant immortality.

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