Fantasia Review: Alien Trespass

Alien Trespass is a movie directed by RW Goodwin of X-Files fame and stars Eric McCormack and Robert Patrick. It takes place in the 1950’s and although it may look like an homage to the alien, sci-fi films of that era, it isn’t. It actually is an alien, sci-fi film from that era. Just in the now.

When a fiery object crashes into the mountains the entire desert town becomes intrigued by it. Two teens necking in the mountains see it coming right for them and scram. McCormack plays an astronomer named Ted who lives with his gorgeous wife Lana, played by the delightful Jody Thompson. Ted investigates and well…the fun begins. The hunt for a creature that escaped the ship begins and there isn’t one wasted moment. The pace is perfect.

A movie like this could have easily been black and white. But I’m happy it wasn’t because the colors pop out on screen. The era seemed to be a colorful one and I’m glad it’s displayed as luminous as it is in the film. Like the cheese known as Plan 9 from Outer Space, the effects are poor. But unlike Plan, they’re poor in Trespass on purpose. And it really adds to the tone of the film. The humor is well paced and the script is written in that “gee wilikers” sort of manner which works perfectly. One real shinning point of the film is the absolute fantastic performance of Jenny Baird. She’s beyond amazing in the role of waitress Tammy. I hope we all see more of her after this.

VERDICT – 8/10


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