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Sarah Silverman FTW

July 16, 2009

Congratulations to the fantastic, effervescent, dynamic, amazing, hilarious, genius Sarah Silverman for her Emmy nomination this morning. Hearing her name in the Best Female lead in a Comedy category made my day. I hope she takes it. Full list of nominations here.


Hot Gossip

July 8, 2009

Wow. If there was one word to summarize Bravo’s NYC Prep it would have to be wow. Admittedly, I’ve only seen the first episode but that was way more than enough to convince me that it’s the worst summer show. Ever. I was forced to watch it and in some ways I’m glad I did. The setup is simple: A real life Gossip Girl. I don’t watch that show but I get the gist. Rich kids with nothing else to do but bask in their riches.

The “characters” are annoying. Plain and simple. One kid named Sebastien is a real player. His mentality is that of “why have one when you can have them all” and he’s a walking, talking bigwig. Oh right, he’s 16. Freakin 16! The other male, PC, is as stuck up as they come and his “relationship” with bff Jessie is one of the main….sorry I can’t keep writing about this.

The series to me can be summed up in one exchange: “Sometimes I wear 20 dollar shirts.” says one girl. The response? “Oh my God you are SO downtown”. Wow.

Waiting for Tips

July 7, 2009

Summer is here and that means a few things: work, loud movies, a plethora of Montreal festivals, work and catching up on all the TV that I missed during the year. And the one that I’m completely loving right now is Party Down on Starz. Co-created by the always brilliant Rob Thomas of Veronica Mars fame and the always hilarious Paul Rudd, Party Down features a cast of actors, that by all intents and purposes, should be huge right now. Adam Scott, Lizzy Caplan, Martin Starr, Ryan Hansen (Dick!), Ken Marino and Jane Lynch are the principals and all perfectly cast in their characters. I don’t quite get Constance (Lynch). Is she supposed to be some sort of woman-child? My efforts to get the character may be hindered as Lynch is a main cast member on Fox’s Glee.

I can’t stress this enough: watch this show. It’s funny, smart and should be getting more attention than it is. There were worries that it might be canceled but it has been picked up for another season. I don’t want another genius Rob Thomas creation to end up on the chopping block. *sigh* Oh how I miss Veronica Mars…

UPDATE: Jane Lynch is officially partied out

BB 8 Update (potential spoilers): Dustin Gets Dicked

August 17, 2007

It’s hard not to laugh at this. Last night Dustin got evicted on CBS’s Big Brother 8 and his reaction was priceless. After all the lies and scheming the karma finally came back to sideswipe him. Eric finally adjusted his game to what America wants and he and Jessica joined with the Donatos (Dick and Daniele) to form one hell of a powerful alliance. Legion of Doom perhaps? It comes as a surprise to me that it took this long for Eric to make this move. he knew that America hated his herd. It’s finally time to start playing to win and stop with keeping people you want. Keep people you need. To make the night even better, Dani beat out a shaken up (surprise!) Amber to be the new HOH. She even got a letter from booted out fellow showmancee Nick. So the plan is set. Eric, Jessica, Dick and Dani in the final four. Can this alliance last? Let’s hope so because they can cause serious damage in the house.