Endless Possibilites

I was flipping through stations earlier and stopped at CMT. Now I admittedly do not care for country music. I will never understand why it’s so huge considering that the more popular artists venture into pop. BUt I was compelled to stop when I heard this song. The artist is Sierra Noble and the song is Possibility.

She’s Canadian made, born in Manitoba, and the song is one of the softest, sweetest songs I’ve heard in a long time. I don’t know much about her and she doesn’t even have a Wikipedia page yet. The song is very simple, lacks percussion of any kind and her voice is perfectly fragile. I got that caving in feeling inside when I heard the song and it reminds me of better times with better people. I hate these songs that create sentimentality but at the same time I’m always impressed by the ones that can do it. And this song does it almost better than any other I’ve ever heard. I’m hoping to hear big things from her someday soon. Highly recommended.

Sierra Noble – Possibility


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