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Wow. If there was one word to summarize Bravo’s NYC Prep it would have to be wow. Admittedly, I’ve only seen the first episode but that was way more than enough to convince me that it’s the worst summer show. Ever. I was forced to watch it and in some ways I’m glad I did. The setup is simple: A real life Gossip Girl. I don’t watch that show but I get the gist. Rich kids with nothing else to do but bask in their riches.

The “characters” are annoying. Plain and simple. One kid named Sebastien is a real player. His mentality is that of “why have one when you can have them all” and he’s a walking, talking bigwig. Oh right, he’s 16. Freakin 16! The other male, PC, is as stuck up as they come and his “relationship” with bff Jessie is one of the main….sorry I can’t keep writing about this.

The series to me can be summed up in one exchange: “Sometimes I wear 20 dollar shirts.” says one girl. The response? “Oh my God you are SO downtown”. Wow.


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