Waiting for Tips

Summer is here and that means a few things: work, loud movies, a plethora of Montreal festivals, work and catching up on all the TV that I missed during the year. And the one that I’m completely loving right now is Party Down on Starz. Co-created by the always brilliant Rob Thomas of Veronica Mars fame and the always hilarious Paul Rudd, Party Down features a cast of actors, that by all intents and purposes, should be huge right now. Adam Scott, Lizzy Caplan, Martin Starr, Ryan Hansen (Dick!), Ken Marino and Jane Lynch are the principals and all perfectly cast in their characters. I don’t quite get Constance (Lynch). Is she supposed to be some sort of woman-child? My efforts to get the character may be hindered as Lynch is a main cast member on Fox’s Glee.

I can’t stress this enough: watch this show. It’s funny, smart and should be getting more attention than it is. There were worries that it might be canceled but it has been picked up for another season. I don’t want another genius Rob Thomas creation to end up on the chopping block. *sigh* Oh how I miss Veronica Mars…

UPDATE: Jane Lynch is officially partied out


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