In pop! We Trust (August 12th – August 19th)

At the Movies

I’ve known about Judd Apatow and Seth Rogen’s comic genius for some time now. I was one of the only human beings to watch Freaks & Geeks when it originally aired. The duo is on a roll lately and their latest effort Superbad has hit and it should satisfy the juvenile in all of us. The loving story of two kids that want some before they split for college has it’s fair share of gut splitting laughs and also sweet ass moments. I have noticed a pattern in Apatow/Rogen films though. The middle parts always seem bogged down. I don’t know why that is. Anyways, the huge hit in the film (some will say McLovin) is George Michael himself Michael Cera. This kid is the future of comedy and he does it in the most subtle of ways. We’re going to be hearing a lot from him.


On the Tele

I admit that I don’t watch MTV’s The Hills but it does peak my interest sometimes. I did however happen to catch the third season premiere of it and I’ve come to the conclusion that everyone on the show is pretty dang annoying. The appeal must be that we love to watch rich, annoying kids and love to see what they do cause we can’t. I guess the highlight of this new season is the fight between idiots Lauren and Heidi over some rumors spread and some dudes that will potentially (and in fact have) break up their little friendship. They have a confrontation at a club that’s quite hilarious and then part ways. It seems like Heidi is being villafied (and for good reason?) with LC being all…umm righteous. But the most annoying human on the planet is Heidi’s fiancé Spencer Pratt. He looks like a fuck, acts like a fuck and should be hit by a bus like a fuck.


On the Rack

I’m a late comer to Marvel‘s Ultimate Spider-Man having only read volumes 1-3, 6-7 and own (but have yet to read) 11 and 14. But Brian Michael Bendis does a fantastic job re imagining Peter Parker’s first years as Spidey. No marriage, no Avengers and no Clones…well two out of three ain’t bad. In USM, it’s a whole new universe for Peter Parker as he gets his powers during modern times. Everything is reinvented and the highlights thus far have been the Gwen Stacy character and the new origin conceived for movie star Venom. The dialogue is spot-on and the art is defining for the character. Bagely has exited as of this month, but checking out the trades is worth it just for his art. This week brings us a TPB of the Clone Saga and I’ve kept spoiler free because this is the one arc that I was waiting for. After the 90’s, 616 debacle I’m hoping that this Ultimized version will so kick the 90’s ass.


In the Pod

Minnesota brings us another great hip hop act. This time it’s poet turned lyricist Dessa Darling. Most of you probably don’t know who the fuck she is but after hearing this song and the incredible amount of talent she flashes in it, I’ve gone on a hunt for more. But it’s rare. You know, I hear a Black Eyed Peas song on the radio and believe hip hop is murdered but then I find a gem like this and my faith is slightly restored. It’s obvious to see that Dessa is a poet just by the shear flow of her lyrics and the depth that they have. She’s not the best lyricist out there but I believe she will improve over time. There’s no expensive liquor, no Benz’s, no ice, no murdering straight up gangsta style. It’s just hip hop. “It’s brutal but brief”. It’s also beautiful.

Dessa Darling & Yoni – A Soft Place to Fall


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