Sister Act

The Pierces are a sister duo hailing from Birmingham, Alabama that I have only recently come across. I heard their first single Bored and was a little shocked to find out they were labeled as “folk”. As it turns out their previous two releases, 2000’s The Pierces and 2005’s Light of the Moon are different from this years Thirteen Tales of Love and Revenge which is a departure from their lighter sounds. I’ve heard a bit from their previous album and I have to admit I enjoy their new sound better. It’s easy to get lost in a mix of great, female folk singers so their evolution as a band helps set them apart. The lyrics to Boring are definitely of a more mature fare, but the song itself isn’t strong enough to be a lead single in my opinion. I enjoy the sound but the hook doesn’t really hook me in. But Lights On clicks in every way for me. Again the lyrics are more Guyville Liz Phair and less Sarah McLachlan and it works. If you’re looking for a little more sex and a little less love these sisters hit the mark.

The Pierces – Boring
The Pierces – Boy in Rock and Roll Band
The Pierces – Lights On


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  1. Says:

    Hi, I log on to your new stuff regularly.
    Your story-telling style is witty, keep it up!

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