Guilty Pleasure: Paramore

Goddammit. These are always the hardest to write. Anyways, i admit it: I kinda sorta dig Paramore and their non threatening array of pop punk. The Franklin, Tennessee natives first made a splash in 2005 with All we Know is Falling. I first caught wind of them while reading a certain super biased magazine and decided to look them up. Their music ended up growing on me for the entire year (what can I say, their damn catchy) and I actually went out of my way to download the entire Riot! album before its release. Lead singer Hayley Williams is chock full of charisma and has a pretty sweet voice that hopefully won’t deteriorate with age and stress. Much like the R&B groups of the 90’s, fans of the band will more then likely remember her then anyone else. Even the female contingent, which I assume is most of their fan base. I’m just wondering when she’s going to figure out that she doesn’t need the group dynamic and she can so this by herself. Because let’s be honest Paramore = Hayley Williams.

Paramore – Here We Go Again (Acoustic)
Paramore – Pressure (Acoustic)
Paramore – Misery Business (Acoustic)


3 Responses to “Guilty Pleasure: Paramore”

  1. maggie may Says:

    i agree with you 100%. i’m sure the other (family) members of paramore are quite talented and great folks…but hayley is the band. the voice, the hair, etc. at any rate, paramore shouldn’t be such a guilty pleasure! i’m obsessed with them, and i get the same reaction…”oh, they sound like avril, blah.”

  2. adam Says:

    paramore is awesome. The lyrics are awesome. Yeah. Im a guy, but paramore is awesome.

  3. Nicole Says:

    Okay, I agree with you, paramore would be no where without Hayley, but, as amazing as I’m sure her voice would sound solo, she’d be no one without paramore.

    But hey, that’s just my opinion.

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