BB 8 Update (MASSIVE spoilers): Dustin wants Dick (haha)

Alright if you watched Big Brother last week you saw fireworks…nay C4 explosions. Dustin and anti-semitic Amber flipped the script on Dick and Daniele sending Kail packing. Sunday showed the Jameka/Dick Holy War but the best is coming this week. Jessica wins HOH and puts the father/daughter up for elimination. But here comes the best part: Dick wins POV and he uses it on Daniele. And Jess puts up Dustin. Dick “knows” he’s leaving so he’s been explaining to everyone that he went nuts on them because he wanted to direct heat away from Dani and onto him. So let’s do a vote count. To keep Dustin: Amber and Jameka. To keep Dick: Daniele, Zach and Jen (if they keep their word). Eric will vote the way America wants him to. And most likely it’ll be for Dick to stay. Is Dustin or Dick done? Intriguing next few days to say the least. What do you watchers think?


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