In pop! We Trust (August 7th – August 12th)

At the Movies

Kind of a slow week this week as summer is winding down. There’s only one big release this week and there’s no chance in hell that I’m recommending you see Rush Hour 3. Instead I’m going to go for a smaller release entitled Rocket Science. If it’s playing near you. It’s directed by Jeffrey Blitz who did that wonderful documentary Spellbound. The story revolves around Hal Hefner, a high school student with a stuttering problem that joins the debate team after being recruited by a girl named Ginny. It’s a coming of age story for a nervous teenager (weren’t we all one at some time?) except that this teen has a speech impediment making it that much harder. Check it out if it’s open around you or just watch the trailer.

On the Tele

I’ll admit it. I’m completely intrigued and interested in the world of modeling and high fashion (if the Canadian models in the right column didn’t already give me away). I guiltily enjoy America’s Next Top Model and when I heard about TLC’s A Model Life I was all over it. It’s on a tough night to catch (Fridays at 10) and I haven’t seen it as much as I want to but I’ve seen enough to recommend it. Unlike ANTM, there is no competition or judges or faux challeneges. It’s just about 6 young, new models that live together and the only source of competition comes in the form of jobs. It’s hosted by top model Petra Nemcova who isn’t near as annoying as Tyra. Although I’m enjoying these shows I can’t wait for the Fall season.

On the Rack

I am so behind in my pull. So I’m going to recommend a graphic novel that can be found in comic shops and book stores alike. Summer Blonde by Adrian Tomine collects issues 5-8 of his Optic Nerve series and it’s brilliant. Tomine delves into one of the most dangerous subjects to tackle: the human condition. His characters are flawed, and disconnected but connected to the reader because we have all felt like this at one time. The first story “Alter Ego” deals with a writer that seeks out a high school crush but ends up connecting with someone unexpected. “Hawaiian Getaway” is about a young girl that has a strange hobby and it leads her down an erratic path. The next story deals with a woman caught between 3 men that leads to disaster. The last story (my personal favorite) is about a high shcool outcast that finds friendship in another student with a tarnished reputation. Tomine’s writing hits the mark and his crisp, clean art fits like a glove. Highly recommended.

In the Pod

Remember that Chelsie song from 2006? Yeah me neither but the band, or should I say singer, was Stefy from Orange County. They’re easily a forgettable band but i saw the video for their single Orange County and thought it was good enough for a download. If you think LA is the shit this song will open up your eyes about it. I’ve been to LA already and wasn’t impressed (but I didn’t have it as bad as the characters in the song) but I’ll review it next summer. Anyways the song deals with life struggles and how unimportant a lot of our media is. Yeah this media.

Stefy – Orange County


One Response to “In pop! We Trust (August 7th – August 12th)”

  1. Marquis Chapman Says:

    Rush Hour doesn’t look that good. They waited too long to make the 3rd movie. I’m a fan of both actors but I’ll have to pass on this one.

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