Return of the King?

This was recently revealed at Wizard World in Chicago. Is he back so soon? What do you think?


4 Responses to “Return of the King?”

  1. bluecollar49 Says:

    Okay,I’ll bite first….

    If they bring Cap back,I really do not believe that it will be Steve Rogers, and I have to wonder if that left arm holding that famous shield is flesh & blood or if it’s ” Metal “?

    Could this be The Winter Soldier aka Bucky Barnes….it has been rumoured that Bucky might step up and don the Red, White and Blue that his mentor and friend had worn…


  2. Mark Says:

    I think he may be too old to be The Winter Soldier. Might be a new Invaders series (Namor on Cap’s right? Bucky on his left?)…

  3. kastor417 Says:

    come on you doubt that in comics someone will come back from the dead?

  4. Mark Says:

    I don’t doubt he’s not coming back. But I doubt that it’ll be this early on or with this project.

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