Gone, But Not Forgotten: Boomtown

Damn you. It seems like all the best shows get canceled way before they should. NBC‘s 2002-2003 critically acclaimed show is one of my all time favorites. The shows premise was one crime seen from the viewpoints of everyone involved. The investigators, the paramedics, the media, criminals, etc. all had a piece of the large puzzle. It was a refreshing and unique style of telling a story and I immediately was drawn to it. The acting was superb especially from Donnie Wahlberg (a detective), Neal McDonough (the district attorney) and Nina Garbais (a reporter) and the stories ranged from bum fights gone extreme to an outstanding story of an actor who’s hit rock bottom. The show was perfect from it’s dazzling opening credits and theme music right to it’s sometime shocking conclusion but could just never find an audience. And when season 2 came around, the producers abandoned the unique style and went more conventional as well as changing the cast up (exit Garbais, enter Vanessa Williams). The show was never really given a fair chance in my opinion but remains one of the best and original productions ever put forth. Buy the first season on DVD and be glad you get to experience this amazing show in any form you can.


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