Review: Combinations by Eisley

The previous post on Tyler’s own Eisley had two demos in it in which I forgot to mention as demos. Both have since been removed but the lead single Invasion still remains there. Eisley is good at what they do and what they do is good. If I had one major complaint, it’s that it clocks in at under 40 minutes (no song reaches 4 minutes) making it one hell of a short LP.

Things kick off with Many Funerals. The DuPrees can harmonize like it’s nobody’s business and the song is what you’d expect from them but the chorus doesn’t work for me. Invasion is next and it’s the perfect choice for the lead single. Taking Control is my favorite song on the album. It found a way to bury itself in my head and I feel myself humming the tune when I’m not even listening to it. Go Away (incredibly repetitive) and I Could be There for You are filler tracks but Come Clean has a certain charm to it and the chorus is sung beautifully. Ten Cent Blues and A Sight to Behold aren’t anything special and seem to fall into filler status as well. The title track is as whimsical as it is honest with its waltz like quality, and one of the best songs on the album. The final track, If You’re Wondering, is a wonderful way to end the album. The softness of the track works as a mission statement for the band and a way to remind us that they’re here to stay.

If you liked Room Noises you’ll like Combinations just fine but with this second LP they stay on the safe side. I just hope they reach higher and try something different on their third. Pick it up in stores on Tuesday. Rating: 7.5/10

Eisley – Taking Control
Eisley – Come Clean
Eisley – If You’re Wondering


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