Mumble Movement

Labels. Everyone uses them. Everyone labels everything these days. Seems there’s a “latest trend” in film called Mumblecore. Myspace generation indeed. Mumblecore is defined as a films with naturalized acting, uncomplicated plots, and low low budgets and first used by director Andrew Bujalski during an interview. I’ve seen trailers for Hannah Takes the Stairs, Quiet City and Funny Ha Ha and I have to admit that I have an urge to see all three of them. On the same day. Quiet City (pictured above) made me think of Richard Linklater’s two masterpieces Before Sunrise and Before Sunset which are two of my all time favorite movies ever. They’re just cheaper (in production anyways) looking. Unfortunately, all three are in limited (or will be) release meaning NYC, LA and Seattle for now. But hopefully they’ll open wider. I’m kind of sick of the loudness and all the explosions at the movies. If you live in any of those areas or seen any of the movies I’d love to get feedback.


One Response to “Mumble Movement”

  1. mumblefan Says:

    You’ll be able to watch HANNAH TAKES THE STAIRS on IFC Video-on-Demand, from anywhere that carries it… starting August 22.

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