Real hip hop isn’t dead. You just have to find it yourself. A good place to start is in Minnesota, where Atmosphere hails from. Sean “Slug” Daley provides the rhymes and Anthony “Ant” Davis does the beats. I was pretty convinced that rap had been disgraced during the 90’s with the desire that most of the artists had to be heard on the radio and make money even though it means death to their art. They would mention whatever product they can in their rhymes in order to get free stuff from them, the videos featured skanks and rented vehicles and they would brag about how much money they have. So for me, Atmosphere was a huge breath of fresh air. Daley has been known to shoot down the major labels and stick with his underground label Rhymesayers. His lyrics have been labeled as “emo rap” because it deals with the scorn felt from the opposite sex (and because we need to label everything these days). Call it what you whatever you want, but the one thing that you can’t deny is that this is real, raw hip hop. Fuck you Black Eyed Peas.

Atmosphere – Fuck You Lucy
Atmosphere – Trying to Find a Balance
Atmosphere – Always Coming Back Home to You (Acoustic)


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