Saviour of Species

Following the X-Men titles have always been tricky for me. There’s just so much messed up continuity that sometimes it gets difficult to follow. I buy Astonishing X-Men when it comes out in trades, I tried to read Mike Carey‘s recent run but I’m not a huge fan of the team (although since the Mauraders returned it’s been pretty interesting) except for Rogue. And although I loved Ed Brubaker‘s team in Uncanny he left my favorites in space. So this fall comes Messiah Complex a crossover that will happen within the X-books themselves. The art had me on board (Silvestri!) but then I read the premise and I’m fully intrigued by what’s coming. Seems that a mutant baby is born and since House of M mutants are supposed to be limited to 198 following Scarlet Witch’s destruction of the X gene. So the race is on to find the baby as the X-Men, the Mauraders and the Purifiers go hunting for it. To me this is a throwback to the crossovers of old like The X-tinction Agenda and The X-Cutioner’s Song that I so fondly enjoyed in the 90’s. Count me in on this one.


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