Guilty Pleasure: Aly & AJ

I admit to not knowing shit-fuck-all about Aly & Aj, the sisters from Torrence California. I didn’t know they were on TV or had any kind of movie careers. They seem to have that Olsen twins empire thing going when it comes to their DVDs so I figured they would be equally as annoying. But one day while flipping channels, I happened to land upon their video for the single Potential Break Up Song and found myself nodding and bobbing my head to it. It was catchy. Much like Kelly Clarkson‘s previous album, I found myself liking the pop I was hearing. I like/hate that feeling. So I listened to Aly& AJ’s new album Insomniatic and ended up liking it. The lyrics are very high schoolish but that just comes with their demographical territory. But sometimes it’s just about being entertained and I can’t deny I was. Worst part? Potential Break Up Song isn’t even my favorite off the album. That honor goes to Silence and Bullseye. Ugh…I hate myself for this.

Ally & AJ – Potential Break up Song
Ally & AJ – Bullseye
Ally & AJ – Silence


One Response to “Guilty Pleasure: Aly & AJ”

  1. Kaja Says:

    You should hear Flattery and really listen to the music and lyrics. The song has a feeling that you will never feel listening to any other song.

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