BB 8 Update (potential spoilers): Kailbait

For those of us that watch Big Brother 8 on CBS, we’ve come accustomed to the method of Dick’s madness. But the true madness that comes with being caged amongst a bunch of strangers reared it’s ugly head this week. Should I say ugly? I meant entertaining. It all started with a banner that flew over the house outing Eric and his lies. Dani and father Dick figured out that he phantom votes of the past two weeks were him (they’re right but he had no control over that) and began their plan to backdoor him. I was lukewarm about the plan at first, but Eric convinced me of his idiocy and in turn his allies idiocy. So after Dick revealed to Amber that Eric was willing to hold her crackheadedness over her if need be. Little does Eric know about her bigotry. Anyways Amber blew up on Eric in front of everyone and the plan was on. Dustin even shook Dick’s hand on it. But a change of heart comes over the group and Eric stays. Goodbye Kail. The feeds caught a brutal confrontation between Jameka, Amber and Dick. Amber is gangsta all of a sudden (I think Jameka braided her brain stem) and Jameka does her best Maury guest impression by continuing to repeat “Yo daughta an’ yo momma” over and over to Dick. Oh and “You don’t know me” was also brought out by our resident Christicunt. She even called Dick’s mom a bitch. Dick’s mom is a Minister. Please God…smite Jameka.


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