Blacklight, Limelight or Spotlight?

Seems there’s some hate flying around when it comes to the new Rilo Kiley and I admit to not being a huge fan of their first single off of this month’s Under the Blacklight, but I applaud them for trying something different. The Moneymaker was definitely a departure from their previous work and maybe I have yet to give it a shot (I only listened to it two or three times) and I’m hoping it grows on me. The video is impressive though. Their second single is much closer to what they usually do and it’s called Silver Lining. But from some posts I’ve seen about the song people seem to not be warming up to it either. To me, Rilo Kiley is not “over” nor are they “so yesterday”. I’m sure the negative backlash has something to do with them signing on with Warner Brothers Records and maybe some fans think they might Plans this new album. I’ve seen them live and they were incredibly entertaining and I’m down to see them again when they swing by La Tulipe on September 19th. Listen to the two songs below and decide for yourselves if lost it or still got it. Personally, they never lost it to me.

Rilo Kiley – The Moneymaker
Rilo Kiley – Silver Lining


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