BB 8 Update (potential spoilers): Dickheads

For those of us that watch Big Brother 8, we know that Dick is a livewire. We also know he and his daughter have a deep hatred for Jen. Hell, it seems like everyone hates Jen. But now I find myself routing for her. Why? Cause she’s joined Dick and Dani. Yeah it’s a shock to the system but the damage they can hopefully cause will be monumental. America’s Player Eric has long overstayed his welcome and is now finding himself on the block because all his lying has caught up to him. He was under suspicion and should have shut his trap before digging himself a bigger hole. Amber continues to cry but she also “swears on her child’s life” that she never lied. Poor child. Amber has far, far deeper problems though. Live feeders know what those are. Jameka…well Jameka sucks. Kail seems to be a scapegoat every week and maybe in some ways she’s been redeemed in the other houseguests eyes? Dustin is starting to get annoying too, as his trust in Eric will prove to be ill fated. Zazh makes his most significant move since the game started, as he chooses a side. Isn’t there one more? Oh yeah Jessica. Who cares? Do the Donatos have the votes to get Eric out or will this week come back and end the most shocking alliance in BB history?


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