Like a Thing Unto Iron

So you don’t read comics eh? Well you’re missing out on one hell of an action packed time. Writers Ed Brubaker and Matt Fraction are joined by artist David Aja on The Immortal Iron Fist by Marvel Comics each and every month and it’s one of the best books out there. The first story arc The Last Iron Fist Story shows the readers that the “iron fist” itself is a power that’s earned by its bearer and is as old as time itself. The action is furious with some kick ass moves and pure martial arts adrenaline. It also shows us that Danny Rand (our modern Iron Fist) can kick the shit out of any Hydra member, but when it comes to running his company his ass is grass. This is seriously the best book out there that you aren’t reading. Premiere Hardcover of the first story arc
is now available. His kung-fu is better than yours.


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