I have no problems admitting to my adoration for the music of Pete Yorn. I know all the words to Strange Condition by heart and I can remember getting excited just hearing it at a Payless last summer. But when it comes to his success it hurts my head to think about it. He’s a talented, hard working, outstanding song writer but hasn’t really touched mainstream success. Now I’m not complaining or anything like that but I figure that out of all the musicians that I listen to, he would be the frontrunner for superstar stardom. But then again there’s no account to taste when it comes to mainstream top 40 rock and he nor his record label probably isn’t into paying the radio channels to play his stuff. Enough with the venting though. Below are a harder version of his hit, an amazing duet with Natalie Maines of Dixie Chicks fame, a live version of a slower song and a cover of an Elvis song. All are fantastic and should make a an instant fan out of you.

Pete Yorn – Strange Condition (Rock Version)
Pete Yorn & Natalie Maines – The Man
Pete Yorn – Just Another (Live)
Pete Yorn – Suspicious Minds (Dusk Version)


One Response to “Yornography”

  1. Alex Says:

    Saw Pete Yorn live at Emory (Atlanta, GA) in May 07. He put on a terrific show. Natural, unforced, beautiful acoustic rock. Maybe he isn’t “flashy” enough to attract Top 40 attention. Shame.

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