Gone, But Not Forgotten: Arrested Development

*Sigh* This boggles the mind. Nay, it clusterfucks the mind. It’s hard to understand how it’s possible that an unfunny, unappealing, just plain bad show such as ABC’s According to Jim can remain on the air but an utterly brilliantly written and acted show such as Fox’s late, great Arrested Development gets canceled. The Emmy awarding comedy ran for three seasons from 2003-2006 before getting axed and is available to own on DVD and I highly recommend it. The show brought back to us Jason Bateman that I’ve enjoyed in almost everything he’s done since. But the most significant contribution to us living in poptopia was the brilliance of Will Arnett. Portraying GOB Bluth, a magician, Arnett made me bust a kidney with laughter almost every time he appeared on screen. With minor characters such as lawyer Bob Loblaw, Franklin the black hand puppet and private investigator Gene Parmesan even the smaller parts are funnier then the leading men that are still on sitcoms right now. Again *sigh*.


2 Responses to “Gone, But Not Forgotten: Arrested Development”

  1. Neil Melrose Says:

    Iabsolutely agree with you comment on Arrested Development. One of the funniest shows ever and one of the few shows I can watch over and over again! No matter how many times I have seen it.

  2. Top Ten Most Popular TV Shows in College | College and Finance Says:

    […] Development – Another Fox show makes the list. Unfortunately, Fox was able to murder this brilliant show (when will they learn you can’t keep moving show times around so that no one knows when […]

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