The term “adorable” is usually reserved for Care Bears or any type of cartoon animal with overly huge eyes, but in this case adorable is the word that would be best used to describe the bloodline of the DuPrees. Or Eisley as they’ve come to be known. The follow up to 2005’s Room Noises hits the shelves on August 14th but the first single has been out for quite sometime. At first Invasion didn’t do anything for me but after repeat listens it caught on. Although I doubt that the video will ever catch on for me. The only other two songs I heard haven’t really impressed me at all. I hope that it will require multiple listens as well in order for me to catch on but so far they’re very “meh”. And short (I read that the album runs under 35 minutes in its entirety). Eisley will be on Conan O’Brien on August 30th.

Eisley – Invasion
Eisley – Ten Cent Blues
Eisley – A Sight to Behold


2 Responses to “Invaded”

  1. hilary Says:

    why’d you post links to the demos. those are very rough and are unlikely to impress.

    (but i agree about the video)

  2. Review: Combinations by Eisley « poptopia! Says:

    […] previous post on Tyler’s own Eisley had two demos in it in which I forgot to mention as demos. Both have […]

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