In pop! We Trust (July 23rd – July 30th)

At the Movies

Yeah I know you probably all saw Transformers by now and if you haven’t by now chances are you aren’t ever going to see it. Well I still highly recommend this movie. I went it in thinking about how shitty it would be but it blew my mind. It embraces it’s absurdity (alien robots?) and just rolls with it and it does it better than any other summer movie thus far. Oh and one of the only reasons I’m still recommending it is because I have yet to see The Simpsons Movie.

On the Tele

Summer means two things for TVers: reruns and reality. Now I’ve been a fan since it’s started but Big Brother finds new ways to be different every year. This year was a twist that involved unfinished business or enemies or something horribly mean like that. The only duo still alive in the house are the father-daughter combo of Daniele and Dick (pictured above), with the latter basically being the entire show. And while Jen is somewhat entertaining, Amber is whiny, Kail is the villian and Eric is doing your dirty work, the rest of the house is basically non-existent. Still better than any sitcom reruns.

On the Rack

Nothing really worth mentioning came out at the LCS (local comic shop, bitches) last week. The slow week enabled me to re-read something from the week before: Justice League of America #11. Brad Meltzer writes and Gene Ha brilliantly illustrates a self contained story involving rookie Leaguer Roy “Red Arrow” Harper and Vixen as they’re trapped under a building that has been ripped to shreds by a new (and unseen) Dr. Polaris. Roy’s addition to the team has been the highlight of the run thus far and he proves why he’s on the team in this issue. With no Crisis in sight, this possibly is the best single issue of the year.

In the Pod

This song is a little old (circa 2005) and was featurde on the now kaput The OC, but it’s still one of the most gorgeous songs I have ever personally heard. All the Arms Around you by Minnesota natives Halloween, Alaska has been in my iPod since I bought the thing and has been one of the only songs that I never deleted. Vague lyrics leave it open to personal interpretation but even if you’re not too keen on finding out what the song really means, just listen to it and I assure you it will speak to you.

Halloween, Alaska – All the Arms Around You


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