13 Volumes, 100 Bullets Part 2


Volume 7: Samurai
I can tell you right off the bat what’s disappointing about this volume: the bombshell dropped in Six Feet Under the Gun is not addressed. Instead we pick up on Lono’s story as it intersects with Loop Lil’ Hughes. They meet in prison which was Graves’s plan all along. The two end up locked up together and Lono decides that his plan is more important than anything. The second half deals with Jack and a tiger. Not much to that one, except Jack kicks his filthy drug habit. “High”Jack. Get it? The best moment in this volume is the realization that Lono achieves about killing Milo.
VERDICT – 7/10

Volume 8 – The Hard Way
Now we’re talking. The volume kicks off with the 50th issue of the series and reveals the deep dark history of the Trust and the Minutemen. All through the eyes of the first Minuteman awoken, Victor “The Rain” Ray who reveals to some partners in crime the history of the new world. The Rain kicks ass. The rest of the volume deals with an awakened Wylie Times. His story is tragic as it’s revealed Mr. Shepherd asked him to kill his one true love Rose, the daughter of a Trust member that makes a move against another House. Wylie deals with a lot in this one and his compassion for things he cares about truly shows. The last issue is the biggest “holy shit” moment of the series thus far. Brilliant.
VERDICT – 10/10

Volume 9: Strychnine Lives
Lono has a new job and he’s recruited Victor Ray to join him. A drug dealer first introduced only by name in volume 2, Spain has a bulk of the first part of the volume. He’s helping a bellboy get some revenge on his ex and her new man. Graves and Augustus meet, proving that they’re in bed together and Jack also visitis Graves. Lono goes to extremes with a member of the House and his kids and Branch and Cole get to know each other. The big event in this one is Victor Ray’s “assassination attempt” on Megan Dietrich. With Loop, Victor Ray and Lono on one side and Wylie, Dizzy and Benito on the other things are starting to come to a head. The final issue is one of the best single story issues I’ve read in all of comicdom.
VERDICT – 8/10

Volume 10: Decayed
The last two Minutemen are awakened, Jack “The Monster” Daw and Remi “The Saint” Rome. But in completely different manners. Jack is fight clubbing and ends up with Lono as his opponent. But Lono is armed with a weapon: Croatoa tattooed on his stomach. Consider The Monster recruited. The rest of the volume deals with the Rome brothers. Older brother Ronnie and his messed up brother Remi. Ronnie ends up being sent to Italy to get art for Graves. No doubt Echo is involved and Remi joins up with Cole and Graves. A key moment is the revelation that Augustus Medici and Megan Dietrich are in “relations”. Remi is introduced too late in the series for my liking but I might be biased because of what he does in volume 11.
VERDICT – 7/10

Volume 11: Once Upon a Crime
Sides are taken. Lines are drawn. Allies are about to become enemies. You get a real sense that everything is coming to a head in this one. Jack has joined with Lono, Branch has found himself with Wylie and Remi is with Cole. All three are coming to a head and there’s bound to be a tragedy. But why him? Midway through the volume I got shook up hard with the second Minuteman death. It was sad and beautiful but also sucked. Ronnie is in Italy and gets the painting but runs into Echo. You know how that goes. This volume really advances the story and moves the pieces into place for the final showdown. More tragedy will ensue.
VERDICT – 8.5/10

Volume 12: Dirty
The calm before the storm. This collection doesn’t really have a main storyline but the body count does rise. In bunches. There are some brutal actions that take place as the Minutemen continue to clean house so to speak. Victor Ray and Remi Rome deliver the most brutal message as the House of Rhone is annihilated. A man named Slaughter is introduced, Lono gets a taste of some karma and another body hits the floor by volume’s end. This one really, really slows the pace down that the previous collection had. There are many key points in here but it’s all just lead up to the last dance.
VERDICT – 6.5/10

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